Rewiring the Body

Ahead or our Rewiring The Body event at Open City Docs Fest, here are a few bits of reading and watching which might be of interest. More to be added over the next few weeks.


1. Practical Transhumanism: 5 Living Cyborgs:


2. All the Ways Nanotech Could Fix Our Bodies:


3. Explore a wealth of beautiful rendered and imaginative explorations of the body’s interaction with technology through Lucy Mcrae’s work:


3. ‘Invasion of the Body Hackers’, Financial Times Article on


4. Listen to this talk by artist and designer Daisy Ginsberg on ‘Synthetic Aesthetics’

Daisy Ginsberg: Synthetic aesthetics from PopTech on Vimeo.


Cork Film Festival has launched its very first video on demand initiative in partnership with VODO, with seven shorts and seven features being retailed on a pay what you want basis, alongside bonus content. The package includes films screened as part of Rich Pickings’ events at the festival as well as Devil In The Room, as short film produced by Rich Pickings.

The initiative has three tiers: Pay What you Want (four shorts including Devil In The Room as well as one feature); Beat the Average (three features and three shorts); and Beat the Premium (including Tony Palmer’s recently reissued 1974 Leonard Cohen doc Bird on a Wire, and John Kastner’s prize winner mental health sensational doc Not Criminally Responsible, screened as part of Rich Pickings’ Battle for The Brain event in November).

Not Criminally Responsible

“We’ve been working with Jamie King and the team at VODO since straight after the Fest last year”, said James Mullighan, Creative Director of Cork Film Festival.  The bundle went live on Wednesday 14 May, and runs until Tuesday 3 June. Find it at:


Open City

If you missed our Rewiring The Body event at Cork Film Festival last year, you can catch a rebooted version of it in June at Open City Docs Fest. We’ll be screening short documentary, fiction and experimental films which explore the intersection of technology and the body. From cyborgs to bionic eyes and from 3D printed exoskeletons to pain management through virtual reality, these films blur the borders between science and fiction as traditional boundaries of the body are crossed.

We’re delighted that we will be joined by artist and designer Agatha Haines, who graduated in 2013 from the Design Interactions program at the Royal College of Art. She made a splash with her graduation show which featured beautifully rendered sculptures of bioprinted organs and surgically enhanced babies.