Past Events

Since our launch in 2009 we have teamed up with more than a dozen museums, festivals and institutions to curate events on a diverse range of topics. We have welcomed speakers from the worlds of medicine, particle physics, anomalistic psychology, neuroscience, nanotechnology and psychiatry as well as writers, psychoanalysts, artists, designers and Academy Award, BAFTA and Emmy-winning filmmakers and actors. Browse past events below and click through to view the full programme.


Rewiring the Body: the intersection of technology and the flesh

Curated for Cork Film Festival and repeated on request at Open City Docs Fest at University College London. Speakers included Nanotechnology Research Scientist Melissa Bovis and Artist-Designer Agi Haines.


Battle for the Brain: Exploring mental health and the law

Curated for Cork Film Festival. Speakers included  John Kastner, multi-Emmy Award winning Director of ‘NCR: Not Criminally Responsible’.


99%: Protest, Fairness and Global Solidarity in a changing world

Curated for Cork Film Festival. Speakers included Kate Taylor (Independent Cinema Office) and documentary filmmakers Audrey Ewell and Aaron Aites.


Imagining Remembering Forgetting: Painting, film and the unconscious

Curated for KONK Gallery. Speakers included filmmaker and painter Gillies MacKinnon, Organisational Consultant Carlos Sapochnik and author Gregorio Kohon. 


The Sleep Paralysis Project: An investigation into the edge of sleep

Curated at the Science Museum’s Dana Centre for London Short Film Festival. Speakers included psychologist Prof Christopher French and Neuropsychologist Dr Paul Broks.


The Art of Science: Science in film and moving image

Curated for Underwire Film Festival. Speakers included: Meroe Candy, Project Manger, Arts and Science, Wellcome Trust; Animator Ellie Land and Documentary filmmaker Maxx Ginnane.


Super/Nature: The dark side

Curated for Scalarama Film Jam. Short films on the edge of nature. Look close enough at anything and you’ll see it start to crawl. 


An Open World: Open source opportunities, crowd-sourcing, remixing and collaboration

Curated for Cineglobe CERN. Speakers included Florian Kuhlmann (, Sunny Bates (consultant to and World Science Festival), Andy Jones (Academy Award winning animation director) and open source 3D artist Olivier Amrein.


Time Travel and the Multiverse: the science behind the sci-fi

An event for 300 14-16 year olds curated for Cineglobe CERN. Speakers included: Olivier Gaumer, PhysiScope and UNIGE; Francois Briart, CERN.


Truth Hits Everybody: Philosophy on Film

Curated with London Short Film Festival for Looking In/Looking Out Festival of Philosophy at Conway Hall. Guests included philosophy teacher Scott Biagi and animator Louis Hudson. 


Disappearing Act: A journey through dementia

Curated at InSpace Gallery for Edinburgh International Film Festival. Speakers included Geoff Huggins, Head of Mental Health Division, Scottish Executive; Alzheimers sufferer Lynda Hogg; Jan Killeen , Dircector of Policy, Alzheimers Scotland and University Lecturer Dr Ailsa Cook. 


6 Degrees of Freedom: the Gamification of everything

Curated for East End Film Festival. Speakers included game designers Adrian Hon and Holly Gramazio and psychotherapist Joan Thompson. 


Who am I? Developing Identity.

Speakers included BAFTA winning actress Jenny Agutter, writer David Smith and psychoanalysts David Morgan, Robin Anderson and Elizabeth Bradley.


Lolita (Complex): Child and Adolescent Sexuality

Curated for London Short Film Festival. Speakers included child psychiatrist and former head of the Adolescent Department at the Tavistock Clinic, Robin Anderson.


Between the Lines: Translation, page and screen

Guests included writer Owen Hatherley and folk-punk legend Steve Lake.