Rich Pickings is the occasional thought and film event exploring the most interesting things in the universe.

Each Rich Pickings event takes one compelling topic and works it over through new and archive film, discussion, music, learning and play. With a focus on science and philosophy, Rich Pickings is the live, discursive film event created to broaden perspectives. Events are challenging, unsettling, fun, fascinating and surprising.

Founded in 2009, Rich Pickings has partnered with Edinburgh International Film Festival, The Science Museum’s Dana Centre, Cineglobe Film Festival at CERN, London Short Film Festival, Wellcome Trust and many others. 

…..Our Our Mission:

…..To forge unlikely juxtapositions of film, science and philosophy.

…..To deploy art as a discussion aid for life’s big questions.

…..To offer accessible discussion with clever people.

…..To show rare, extraordinary films.

…..To feed the curious mind.


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