Developing Identity

Who Am I? Developing Identity

The Science Museum’s Dana Centre, 16th January 2011, 4pm – 9pm

A Rich Pickings / Institute of Psychoanalysis event as part of the London Short Film Festival







lWho are you and what made you that way? Early experiences, traumas and culture are among the many factors influencing your sense of self. This event explores the growth of identity throughout the life stages through films and discussion. With author Andrew Smith, psychoanalysts Dr Elizabeth Bradley, Dr Robin Anderson and David Morgan and a special introduction to WALKABOUT from the film’s lead actress Jenny Agutter.


Part 1: short films and discussion

New short film looking at normal development, trauma and technology.

Tom and Esther Learn Lessons (Dir. Dee Meaden)

Rabbit Punch (Dir. Kristian Andrews)

Erin (Dir. Katie Rowles)

You and Me (Dir. Malika Whitaker)

Lamb (Dir. Andrew McVicar)

The Door to Adulthood (Dir. Claire Violet Hanley)

The Way We Played (Dir. Samir Mehanovic)

Our Father Who Art in Heaven (Dir. Jeremy Williams)

This Chair Is Not Me (Dir. Andy Taylor Smith)

Extracts: We Live in Public (Dir. Ondi Timoner, courtesy of Dogwoof)


Part 2: feature screening

WALKABOUT (Dir. Nicholas Roeg, 100 mins)

Two young children are stranded in the Australian outback and are forced to cope on their own. They meet an Aborigine on ‘walkabout’ – a ritualistic separation from his tribe. This stark, poetic take on society, nature and personal identity has been leaving an indelible mark on audiences for 40 years and is as relevant and powerful today as it was on its release.



Robin Anderson is a training analyst in adult and child analysis at The Institute of Psychoanlaysis. He is also trained in child and adolescent psychiatry and was formerly head of the Adolescent Department of the Tavistock Clinic London. He has published papers and books on both on child and adult psychoanalysis.

Elizabeth Bradley is a practising psychoanalyst and a Fellow of The Institute of Psychoanalysis. She was consultant child psychiatrist at the Tavistock Clinic for 20 years. She has a special interest in family dynamics, parenting and the intergenerational transmission of trauma.

David Morgan is a psychoanalyst in private practice and a Fellow of The Institute of Psychoanalysis. He is also a consultant psychotherapist and a clinical psychologist at the Tavistock and Portman NHS Foundation Trust in London.

Andrew Smith is a journalist and #1 bestselling author of ‘Moondust: in Search of the Men Who Fell to Earth’. At present he writes and presents documentary films for BBC4 and is in the process of writing ‘What I Tell You Three Times is True’ – a book about the internet pioneer Josh Harris and the Manhattan dotcom explosion of the late 1990s.