Lolita [complex]

Lolita [complex]

Sunday January 10th 2010, Shortwave Cinema, 10 Bermondsey Sq.

Introductory talk by Dr Robin Anderson, Fellow of the Institute of Psychoanalysis, consultant child and adolescent psychiatrist and former head of the Adolescent Department at the Tavistock Clinic.

Screening: Short Films

LITTLE RED HOODIE  – Dir. Joern Utkilen, 14 mins

PIGEON – Dir. Jaqueline Rice, 9 mins

WOMEN WORK FOR BARBIE – Dir. Clare O’Hagan and Denise Wyllie, 2 mins

ANNA: FRAU – Dir. Sarah Grohnert, 5 mins

GIRLLIKEME – Dir. Rowland Jobson, 12 mins

+ a selection of music videos

Discussion on the films and surrounding issues with Dr Anderson, the filmmakers and the audience.

Screening: Sadie Benning Videoworks

Sadie Benning first made her name in the early 1990s as a teenage video maker.Raised by her mother in inner-city Milwaukee, Benning left school at age 16, primarily due to the homophobia she experienced.Her earliest works, made from the time she was 15, were shot with the Fisher-Price Pixelvision camera, which recorded pixelated, black and white video images onto standard audio cassettes. They give and astonishingly personal insight into the emerging sexual and social identity of a sharp, creative teenage mind.

IF EVERY GIRL HAD A DIARY – 1990, 8 mins

JOLLIES – 1990, 11mins

LIVING INSIDE – 1989, 5 mins

ME & RUBYFRUIT – 1990, 5 mins

A NEW YEAR – 1989, 6 mins