Open City

If you missed our Rewiring The Body event at Cork Film Festival last year, you can catch a rebooted version of it in June at Open City Docs Fest. We’ll be screening short documentary, fiction and experimental films which explore the intersection of technology and the body. From cyborgs to bionic eyes and from 3D printed exoskeletons to pain management through virtual reality, these films blur the borders between science and fiction as traditional boundaries of the body are crossed.

We’re delighted that we will be joined by artist and designer Agatha Haines, who graduated in 2013 from the Design Interactions program at the Royal College of Art. She made a splash with her graduation show which featured beautifully rendered sculptures of bioprinted organs and surgically enhanced babies.


Cork Film Festival

Thanks to the Cork Film Festival for hosting three Rich Pickings events as part of it’s fantastic 2013 programme in November. Triskel Christchurch provided a grand, atmospheric backdrop for a diverse set of events which covered mental health, technology and the body and political activism. We’re looking forward to partnering up with the festival again next year for more forays into the strange, soulful, scientific and sublime.

Q&A with Canadian Filmmaker John Kastner following the screening of his feature documentary NCR: Not Criminally Responsible

Audrey Ewell discusses the genesis of her political feature 99% The Occupy Wall Street Collaborative Film as part of ‘Rich Pickings: 99%’ from Cork Film Festival on Vimeo.

Agatha Haines

Artist and designer Agatha Haines will be joining our ‘Rewiring The Body’ event at Cork Film Festival to present and discuss her work which explores possible futures of organ design and body modification. Haines graduated in 2013 from the Design Interactions program at the Royal College of Art. She made a splash with her graduation show which featured beautifully rendered sculptures of bioprinted organs and surgically enhanced babies


Clip from ‘Circumventive Organs’ from Agi Haines on Vimeo.

The main focus of Agatha’s work is the design of the human body and the question of how people might people respond to the possibilities of our body as an everyday material. She asks how far can we push our malleable bodies while still being accepted by society, and the role of designers in encouraging society to accept modifications and augmentations. Her presentation will follow a short film programme combining documentary, sci-fi and experimental takes on the theme of technology and the body.

Tremomucosa Expulsum – an organ that uses rattlesnake muscles to release mucus from the respiratory system of a person who suffers from cystic fibrosis and dispel it through the stomach.
Electrostabilis Cardium – a defibrillating organ using parts from an electric eel that can discharge an electric current to the heart when it recognises it going into fibrillation (a heart attack).
Transfiguration: Thermal Epidermiplasty – Extending the skin on the scalp increases the surface area for faster heat dissipation.
Transfiguration: Extension Osteogenesis – to achieve the more rounded face shape of an aerodynamic child, pins will be surgically implanted into the nasal bridge along with a cranial support brace.





Upcoming in Ireland

Rich Pickings have curated three events for the 58th Cork Film Festival in November. Covering themes as diverse as mental health and the law, technology and the body and political activism, these events combine short film, feature film and discussion to explore essential areas of science and society.

You can read an overview here and we’ll be updating it with more information over the next two weeks. The feature films we are screening include John Kastner’s powerful documentary Not Criminally Responsible, which tells the story of a psychotic man who commits a terrible crime, his rehabilitation and ultimately his return to the community. Meanwhile 99%, a collaboratively made film from the Occupy Wall Street collective, gives an inside view of the processes and issues behind one of the most exciting and powerful political movements that America has seen this century.

We’ll also be screening some brilliant short animations, dramas and documentaries looking at subjects from PTSD to cyborgs and from 3D printed prosthetics to global food distribution. The Festival looks as if it is going to be a belter so check out the programme and get there if you can!






Thanks to everyone who made it down to KONK for Imagining Remembering Forgetting: Art and the Unconscious on Monday. We’ve not had an audience that opinionated for a while, masses of good thoughts to chew over after that one. “The most fascinating evening I’ve had in a long time  Will be difficult to sleep tonight with so much buzzing in my head!” one audience member posted on FB afterwards. That’s nice.

We’ll be delving into the unconscious again as part of our epic progranmme of events at Cork Film Festival (more on that soon) but in the meantime, here’s what David Lynch has to say on the subject.



SUPER/NATURE: conversations, deviations, imaginations and hallucinations on the natural world 


We’ve selected the short films for our slot at Scalarama’s Opening Night Film Jam at the Rizty next Saturday. SUPER/NATURE will take you to the edge of the natural world… and beyond.

You’ll never look at a tree in the same way again.

Check out the programme and booking link here.

Weird Nature

Rich Pickings is looking for short films to screen at the upcoming Scalarama Film Jam. We’re looking for films that look at nature, but look at it a bit funny. Films that look at nature through biased human eyes, exploring the dark, the bizarre, the unfriendly, the obscene and the unknown. All genres considered, films must be under 12 minutes. Email links to: carla[at]

Here’s one for inspiration:

the birds are not singing from christian schlaeffer on Vimeo.

Sleep Paralysis

The Sleep Paralysis Project,  is a short film and cross-platform initiative co-produced by Rich Pickings. It includes a series of events, a web resource and a short film entitled Devil In The Room, all geared towards promoting an understanding of, and creatively exploring, the spooky phenomenon of sleep paralysis

The Guardian Science Weekly has just released a podcast dedicated to the project and surrounding subject matter, including interviews with some of the key contributors. Meanwhile Devil In The Room has been selected to compete for the Grand Prix Animation at the 19th Encounters Short Film and Animation Festival, the country’s leading international short film showcase. The film will screen as part of the animation programme on September 20th at Bristol’s Arnolfini. It has also been selected to screen as part of this year’s London Animation Festival in October among other festivals and events. You can read some more background on the project on the Wellcome Trust blog, listen to a radio features on Monocle radio (from minute :24) and Resonance FM and read about it in the Huffington Post.

Here’s a trailer for the short film:


Devil In The Room Teaser from Sleep Paralysis Project on Vimeo.